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PBS KIDS – Healthy Eating + Learning Math With Peg + Cat

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Many of the activities I take part in with my kids have an educational factor. I’ve turned to PBSKIDS.ORG many times to keep them entertained with activities and crafts that are age-appropriate, fun, and star their favorite characters! PBS KIDS has an amazing new series coming October 7th named Peg+Cat! Peg + Cat is based off the books “The chicken problem” by  the show’s creators Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson.  It’s focused on preschool math and problem-solving skills. We wereRead More ...

#BilingualKids Activities Round-up: Celebrating Cultures Through Crafts

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Our culture is a big part of why we teach our kids Spanish. But even if Spanish is not the language of our ancestors we know that learning another language gives us and our children a deeper understanding of other people and cultures. For this week’s #BilingualKids Round-up we have focused on fun crafts for kids that celebrate culture and the diversity in our world. Proud to be Me Self-Identity Craft This beautiful craft by Ruby of Growing Up Blackxican isRead More ...

Thanks For Helping Us Make Babble’s Top 100

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We were given some great news yesterday: SpanglishBaby made it to Babble’s Top 100 Mom Blogs of 2011. We are honored and humbled to end an already blessed year on such a high note. And we have to thank all of you, our supportive community, for all the accolades we’ve received. Although the work is hard, your feedback tells us it’s all worth it. Thank you for believing in what we’re doing here and for helping us grow into suchRead More ...

Day of the Dead Craft: Popsicle Sticks Calaveras

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Popsicle Sticks Calaveras are an easy activity to do with kids all ages. Calaveras are not used to scare or cause harm in fact Calaveras are a symbol of the dead coming to interact in a nice way with the living. Let’s get started in making your own Popsicle stick Calavera! Here’s what you’ll need: –Adhesive-Glue, Tap or Glue Dots –Paint -White –Tissue paper –Accessories- Gems for decor and Wiggly Eyes –Skeleton Head-You will need this template and some paperRead More ...

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