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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Bilingual Kids

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Welcome to our 2012 holiday – and any day, really! – gift guide created just with bilingual and bicultural kids in mind! For years we’ve been collecting the best “Finds” out there that acknowledge our need for well-done, creative and just plain fabulous cositas that celebrate the Spanish language and/or our culture. We’ve got you covered on books, music, toys, games, clothes, accessories and many other unique gifts for your loved ones. There are so many more we could addRead More ...

Celebrating Bilingual Readers Contest!

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This is our fourth year celebrating El Día de los Niños/El Día de los libros which happens on or around April 30 around the entire country. In honor of this very special day — because what could be better than celebrating kids and books, right? — we have put together a full week of reading related posts geared specifically towards bilingual children as well as an AMAZING giveaway that will allow one family to build its own bilingual home library forRead More ...

Ingenio’s Sounds Amazing Bilingual Cards and Pen {Giveaway}

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As my boys get older, they’re more into books, elaborate building sets and Mama’s iPad, and have outgrown the babyish Spanish-“speaking” toys of old.  That’s why I liked Ingenio’s Sounds Amazing cards.  There are fifty double-sided flashcards, grouped into categories (our favorites were Transportation and Musical Instruments), which include a picture of an object (such as an ambulance), information about the object in English and in Spanish, and a bar code.  Scan the bar code with the included wand, andRead More ...

Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza on SpanglishBaby!

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You’ve told us you really like the giveaways we feature on SpanglishBabyFinds.  We love doing them –even if they are an insane amount of work — because this is our small way of constantly giving back for all that you give us every single day with your presence. Finding special items that enrich the life of your bilingual/bicultural child is one of the missions we take very, very seriously. Today, we’re hosting our biggest, hugest, grandísimo, enorme giveaway ever! SoRead More ...

Educational Toys for Bilingual Homeschooling {Giveaway}

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Today is the first day of a week-long adventure into the ins and outs of bilingual homeschooling.  One of the major components of homeschooling, and probably the most difficult to achieve when incorporating bilingualism, is to find educational toys and products to teach children a language through what they do best-play. Ingenio, the first bilingual and educational toy brand in the U.S., has a catalog of 10 toys and games that are meant for preschool and early elementary children. LastRead More ...

Math-o-matic Puzzle Game

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When the time comes I will need all-the-help-I-can-get to introduce my girl to numbers and math concepts.  There´s a reason why I chose to write and communicate as a profession and why  I need a calculator to figure out tips. I really don´t want to pass along that fear of numbers to her.  Ingenio´s Math-o-matic manages to make learning numbers fun by disguising it as a colorful puzzle/game. You can start out using it just to teach your kid numbersRead More ...

North America Map Puzzle

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Another big hit during the playgroup I recently hosted to review Ingenio’s toys, in one word, the North American Map Puzzle, is STURDY!  I know we’ve been using this word a lot these past few days when describing this bilingual toy company’s products, but it’s the truth and nothing is more important than a toy well-built when it is to be handed to little hands which like to destroy as they explore. Vanessa L-O-V-E-S puzzles, she calls them “copezas,” andRead More ...

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