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Clear-Cut Learnigbolanguage.Com Plans – Updated

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Every thing about their studying seems easy, and each new word and expression they learn is used with utmost confidence. Second, which language do you want to be taught? The highest 5 most generally spoken languages on the planet (outdoors of English) are Mandarin, Arabic, Hindu, Portuguese, and Spanish. Each of those 5 is a good language to study, but some are actually tougher than others, and take more time and effort to study. For example, Spanish may be masteredRead More ...

IMPORTANT: The Future of SpanglishBaby

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In February, it’ll be five years since we published our first post and shared SpanglishBaby with the world. So much has happened since then… We’ve become a strong community of like-minded parents sharing tips and info on what has worked for us as we raise bilingual children, we wrote our first book Bilingual is Better and we met many other wonderful people in the same journey both online and in real life. Today, our own spanglishbabies are no longer bebés.Read More ...

Week in Links for #BilingualKids — Dec. 20

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The Mysteries of Bilingualism II on Psychology Today — Prof. François Grosjean delves into aspects of bilingualism that remain an enigma. In this case, he writes about language choice, code-switching and language interferences — topics that have been researched at the linguistic level, but not at the cognitive and neurolinguistic ones. ¡Aprender español está de moda! on El Sentinel — A look at how more and more people are realizing the importance of learning Spanish as a second language. New Fort Worth program will graduate bilingualRead More ...

A Healthy Twist on Classroom Celebrations

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  Classroom celebrations are fun and children really love them (teachers…well they can be chaotic!). Often, whether birthdays or any other special occasion, these celebrations can be the ‘perfect’ excuse to bring not-so-healthy choices to students. Many school districts have strict guidelines as to what can be brought to classrooms (store-bought only, no nuts, etc.), other districts and/or schools can be more lenient as to what can be shared. However, one thing tends to remain constant: sugar. Fortunately, classroom celebrationsRead More ...

5 Great Bilingual and Spanish Holiday Books for the Entire Family

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Every time I come across and/or find great bilingual or Spanish literature; I feel is my duty to share it with all of you. Some of the titles I am informing you on this post you may already be familiar with, but it is never a bad idea to refresh our memory and re-read them. Some are classics, while others are just too amazing to pass. What I love about many of the books I am sharing with you inRead More ...

4 Tips From La Maestra to Help Bilingual Children ‘Think More’ as They Read

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In a dual-language program (whether 50/50 or 90/10), one of the goals is for children to learn to proficiently read and write in both languages. Coming from an English-only classroom, every year I had some students who had difficulty with fluency and speed (how many words per minute they could read). I knew that if they were spending too much time trying to decode words, there was going to be little or no comprehension. Why? Your brain cannot spend aRead More ...

Raising a Bilingual Kid: Useful Do’s and Don’ts

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We all know that once we committed to raising bilingual kids, we embarked in a journey that is not always as black and white as it may seem. You may have chosen the best method of raising children in two or more languages that works for your family, or maybe you found an excellent dual immersion program that can provide much of the necessary input. In any case, there are a few things to keep in mind across the board thatRead More ...

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