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Learning Through Celebration

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So Many Ways to Say: Happy Birthday!   Take advantage of Hispanic Heritage Month   Celebrate Day of the Dead/Día de los Muertos   Why My Family is Celebrating Día de los Muertos   Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy your pavo, guajolote, or chompipe!   Posadas in Mexico: The Largest Nativity Scene in the World   The Feast of Los Reyes Magos   Villancicos: A Christmas Tradition   Bicultural Holiday Traditions   An Immersion Adventure in Mexico | Fun,Read More ...

An Immersion Adventure In Mexico | Coming Back Home

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Editor’s note: This is Part 7 in a continuing series by Amy Conroy. To read the other parts, go here.  “Finally, it’s over!”, said by the same homebody 5-year-old who requests leave of Disneyland after a few hours. Oh sweetheart, it’s only just begun! True, it was relieving to come home after living in Mexico for four months. There is nothing like coming home, and the water here is so clean and plentiful! BUT, we are going back. I amRead More ...

Bicultural Birthdays Celebration | An Introduction

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  I love summers! Both Vanessa and Santiago were born in the summer (and so was I, even though I was born in February, since Peru is in the southern hemisphere) which means two birthday parties for us! As I mentioned last week, we celebrated my daughter’s 5th party in our backyard last Sunday. I’m not going to lie and say these are easy because they are actually a TON of work. And, even though, it’s basically non-stop from theRead More ...

An Immersion Adventure in Mexico | Saying Goodbye

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Editor’s note: This is Part 6 in a continuing series by Amy Conroy. To read the other parts, go here. Although this is the last one from San Miguel de Allende, Amy has promised one more post a few weeks after they’re back home in Los Angeles to share their impressions on their immersion adventure. We hope you’ve enjoyed living vicariously through Amy and her kids as much as we have! This will be short and sweet as I amRead More ...

An Immersion Adventure in Mexico | The Nitty Gritty of Normal Life

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Editor’s note: This is Part 5 in a continuing series by Amy Conroy. To read the other parts, go here. What is ‘normal’? ~ the question of my life ~ To be honest, life in Mexico is really not so different than life in the U.S.  The details vary and one might say there is more ‘flavor’, but the basics are the same: Jack has soccer practice, Calvin does art class, Cecilia is starting gymnastics.  I grocery shop, we goRead More ...

An Immersion Adventure in Mexico | Fun, Festivals & Fiestas

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  Editor’s note: This is Part 4 in a continuing series by Amy Conroy. To read the other parts, go here. I have never lived in such a celebratory environment in my life – the ‘fiesta culture’ here never stops! There are citywide parades and festivals all the time, fiestas and social gatherings for every reason, and childrens’ birthday parties that joyfully extend well past bedtimes. Fireworks are an everyday all-the-time occurrence, which is not easy to imagine until youRead More ...

An Immersion Adventure in Mexico | Making Friends

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Editor’s note: This is Part 3 in a continuing series by Amy Conroy. To read the first two parts, go here. I would like to revisit one of the golden truths I’ve learned, Point C: our children are our best allies, our most gracious and charming ambassadors (when they’re not throwing berrinches or acting like super-ninjas in the local supermarket).  What I mean by this is that my experience right now would not be as rich without my children. TheRead More ...

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