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The Basics Of Raising A Bilingual Child

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Why Raise A Bilingual Child?   Two Languages, Many Methods   Spanish Not Your Native Language? You Can Still Raise Bilingual Kids!   5 Ways To Boost The Minority Language Outside The Home   Top 10 Books For Parents Raising Bilingual Children   Away With The Myths   What Is Bilingual Education?   OPOL Week: An In-depth Look at Most Popular Method of Raising Bilingual Kids   How to Create a ‘Perceived Need’ for the Minority Language   Why DoRead More ...

Sign Language: A Bridge Between Two Languages

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I guess I never really made the correlation, but as I meet more people raising their children bilingual and I read more about the whole concept, it truly makes a lot of sense that those who use the OPOL (one parent-one language) method, have found it incredibly beneficial to also teach their children sign language. Recently, we dedicated a whole week to the topic of the OPOL method since we realized this is the one the majority of you areRead More ...

OPOL WEEK: Useful Links

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This contest is now closed. The week’s final winner is:  Susan. Congratulations!  Thanks to all! We feel we hit the mark when we decided to dedicate a whole week to the One-Parent-One-Language method of raising bilingual children. If you’ve missed the informative articles prepared by Roxana, experts and guests then click here to read them. Today is our last day of the OPOL WEEK and we’ve put together a list of useful links related to the OPOL method. Some areRead More ...

OPOL WEEK: Why and How this Method Works for Our Family

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This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner: VALERIE R. Remember you can still enter for your last chance to win tomorrow! As promised yesterday, the following is a guest post by AnaGloria Rodriguez-Wilkinson, one of our loyal readers and the founder of my bilingual playgroup. Many of you who are just starting your bilingual journey have asked if the OPOL method actually works. Read on for proof that it does! I knew I didn’t want my children toRead More ...

OPOL Week–Ask an Expert: How do I Prevent My Son from Feeling Self-Conscious?

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This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner: KATHLEEN. Remember you can still enter for another chance every day this week. As our week-long series dedicated exclusively to exploring the OPOL method continues, we’re happy to present you with our popular Ask an Expert Q&A. If you read yesterday’s post, you know we already had one knowledgeable expert on the subject of OPOL share her helpful tips and recommendations with us. Today is no different. You don’t know howRead More ...

OPOL Week: Why this is the Way to Go if You’re Raising a Bilingual Child

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This giveaway is now closed. You can still enter for another chance every day this week. Congratulations to our winner: INES! As we mentioned in yesterday’s post, we are dedicating this whole week to looking more closely at the OPOL method, after realizing that the majority of our readers are using it to raise their children bilingual. Today we are honored to present you with the expertise of pediatrician and author of 7 Steps to Raising a Bilingual Child, Dr.Read More ...

OPOL Week: An In-depth Look at Most Popular Method of Raising Bilingual Kids

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It’s been five months since the official launch of SpanglishBaby. In this time we’ve come to the realization that, although it’s not the one Ana and I use, the majority of you out there are raising your kiddos bilingual by means of the One Parent-One Language (OPOL) method. We first started noticing the trend from the questions and comments we got from all our readers and then through the answers to a survey we recently conducted. Out of the responsesRead More ...

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